Does he look illegal? American activist fights for immigrant rights

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IMG 1042 190x300 Does he look illegal? American activist fights for immigrant rights

Roberto Reveles is an immigrant rights activist in Phoenix, Arizona.

Click here to listen to a podcast of the entire interview with Roberto Reveles.

When I met immigrant rights activist Roberto Reveles on a blazing hot summer day in downtown Phoenix for an interview, he was wearing a shirt that said, “Do I look illegal?” And I thought to myself yes, you do. But as I would soon find out, there is much more to this American son of Mexican immigrants than his sense of humor.

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Why Jose jumped the fence: A story of illegal immigration

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Jose Montes says he jumped the fence when he came to the U.S. illegally 30 years ago. He then went back to Mexico a year later to play in his band. When he returned to the U.S., he got caught by U.S. Border Patrol, but was able to get back into the U.S. on a subsequent trip. He is now a U.S. citizen.

Watch the video below as Jose explains why he chose to enter the United States illegally. Also, Jose shares his views on Arizona’s controversial immigration law SB 1070.

Refilling water jugs in the Arizona desert

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During the past year, more than 250 bodies of people trying to cross the U.S./Mexico border have been discovered in the Arizona desert. That’s a record. Increased numbers of Border Patrol agents, a fence and better technology are forcing migrants to choose riskier routes when they cross the desert, according to a recent NPR story.

Check out the following video, which documents my travels with Humane Borders, a group that sends weekly volunteers to the Sonoran Desert to refill water jugs. Their mission is to prevent deaths in the desert. You can also see photos of the trip.

Crime, immigration laws and a father’s anger

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Woman Being Arrested2 e1280547775736 150x148 Crime, immigration laws and a father’s anger“Russell, this is really going to make you mad, but Sean was shot by an illegal alien.”

The words of an Arizona state senator’s wife in December 2004, as quoted in a Reuters article, could be credited with inspiring the legislation behind Arizona’s newest and very controversial immigration law SB 1070, which was partially blocked by a federal judge on Wednesday.

Already a fierce opponent of illegal immigration, Senator Russell Pearce, Sean’s father, began firing off one legislative proposal after another to curb illegal immigrants’ access to employment, voting, bail and public benefits.

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Will Arizona’s new immigration law increase hit-and-run accidents?

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survive fender bender 800X800 150x150 Will Arizona’s new immigration law increase hit and run accidents?My first reaction when I heard about Arizona’s immigration law SB 1070 was to think about hit-and-run drivers. I had recently been in an office where the receptionist was wearing a massive neck brace. She explained that two days earlier, she had been the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

The woman whose car had hit hers stopped to see if the receptionist, in her totaled car, was OK. The woman mentioned that she had a suspended license. When she saw the police arriving, the woman got back into her car and drove off. The police were unable to catch up with her.

This new law in Arizona requires law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of anyone they reasonably suspect is an illegal immigrant. Not having the correct paperwork could mean jail time, a misdemeanor charge and possible deportation.

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